The Consulate General of India in Medan Celebrate The 151st Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi


Medan, Kovermagz – The Consulate General of India in Medan organized the 151st celebration of the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at the Sari Mutiara Indonesia University in Medan on Oct 2.

The celebration commenced with the garlanding of the bronze bust of Mahatma Gandhi by Raghu Gururaj, Consul General of India to Sumatra in Medan, followed by Mr Parlingdung Purba, Chairperson of the Sari Mutiara Indonesia University and Mr U.P. Bhadra Pala, Ketua Lembaga Kepanditaan , Sumatra Utara.

In his opening remarks, Consul General Raghu Gururaj spoke about the universality of Mahatma Gandhi in today’s world and explained how his universal values of truth, path of non-violence and universal brotherhood hold so much value in resolving today’s problems. He further added that Mahatma Gandhi continues to be an inspiration to the youth of every country. Consul General thanked the Chairman and Rector of the Sari Mutiara Indonesia University for the collaborting with the Consulate for holding this event, and also for the periodic events held for the students of the university at the India Corner established by the Consulate in that university.

Warmly welcoming the participants, Mr Parlingdung Purba, Chairperson of the Sari Mutiara Indonesia University spoke about the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi in shaping the world’s philosophy towards peace. He added that the youth of this world should continue to draw their inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals and try to follow them in their day to day lives. Mr U.P. Bhadra Pala, Ketua Lembaga Kepanditaan, Sumatra Utara spoke in brief about the life of Mahatma Gandhi and how the powerful Gandhian values shaped the world’s thought and events in this century.


In connection with this celebration, the Consulate had organized an art competition on the theme of Gandhi with the students of Brijend Katamso School in Medan. Consul General awarded certificates and prizes to the winners. Similarly, Consul General gave away prizes for the video blog competition on Gandhi held with the students of Sari Mutiara University.

A short opening cultural performance was made by the students of the university. A small choir from the Brijend Katamso School sang a favourite song of Mahatma Gandhi. The ladies from the Indian community, represented by the Indian Expatriate Association of Medan (IEAM) also sang a spiritual song related to Gandhi. The art paintings by the children of Brijend Katamso were displayed along with a photo exhibition on Mahatma Gandhi, on the sidelines of the event.

In view of the restrictions imposed by the COVID crisis, the event was a restricted one with participation of only 30 invitees. The organizers took sufficient care to ensure social distancing and follow all necessary health protocols.