Walls Will Fall, A Song Written in Medan, Carries a Message For The World


Medan, Kovermagz – Recently, Kover Magazine produced a music video and also launched the song on a YouTube channel of a young singer domiciled in Medan, Abhilaksh Sharma Lakshi, who in the future will be known as ASL. Born and lived his childhood life in India, he then followed his parents who moved to Medan since 2012.

Lakshi, a 16-year-old handsome Indian-blooded boy, who is currently studying at Singapore International School (SIS) Medan, Indonesia, has only started  writing songs since 2019. Various ideas and thoughts were poured into his cellphone which ended up becoming song lyrics. Lakshi admitted he is very much influenced by pop and rap musics.

Walls Will Fall, ASL’s first recorded song that is expected to bring this young man to the international music line, has a feel-good music and a catchy hook, thanks to RoemahIponk Music Studio (Jakarta) for their another great project. The song sounds very contemporary, catchy and energetic, the kind that would be a hit if it (hopefully) is played on radio or spotify.

When asked about the release process of this song, Lakshi answered:

  “I started writing all the topics first, from these topics “walls” caught my attention the most, so I wrote the lyrics on ‘walls”. I, then asked for my father’s opinion, and he came out with the title “Walls will Fall”. After that I continued editing some of the lyrics.  We then started searching for music composer, and after sometime we found Ivan Gojaya,  with whom we started discussing about the lyrics and music beats. Agustin Oendari, Ivan’s partner then edited some parts of the lyrics to fit well with the music flow. In August 2020, I recorded the audio in RoemahIponk Music Studio, Jakarta.”

The rapping part of the song is very clear in explaining the “wall” metaphor that is sung many times in the song:

Is it safe? Is it good?

Is it nice? Is it right?

Is it wrong? Is it not?

Is it the world, the world that I’m living?

Is it because the colour of my skin?

Is it because the places where I’ve been?

Is it gonna be a war that I’m losing?

Or it’s just a wall, a wall that I’m breaking?

Music Video: https://youtu.be/tx3gCnyNnvw


“The song means that I want to break all the walls of racism, colour, discrimination, hatred. Such walls should fall down in the world”, said Lakshi. An idea that is quite mature and sensitive actually, to come from the mind of a 16 year old teenager, who also has hobbies of playing badminton, cricket, playing football, drawing and dancing.

Kover magazine worked on the video in a period of two weeks, because the song was needed to be launched on the day of the celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth, 2 October 2020, hence the song is dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi,  a great man who was also the inspiration for this song, an activist of the Indian independence movement, who was known for his peaceful demonstrations, without resorting to violence. “The video concept uses animation, the kind we find in boy’s computer games, to balance out the lyrics about deep and dark situations of being stuck behind the walls, with the singer who is still a teenager. On top of that, this pandemic situation is making the process quite tricky, because video shooting and video editing were  carried out with a lot of restrictions,” said Elsa Malona as the video director.

This debut single release was produced by Ashish Sharma and Yogita Sharma, who are also Lakshi’s parents. “I am very blessed. All of my family support me throughout the process, without them I don’t think I would be able to release the single. My father & my sister are my inspiration, and my mother is the driving force behind us. So many other people have helped me as well, I appreciate each one of them.”