Poetry and Literature Group Organized a Special Virtual Event with a Theme of Children Day Special & Happy Diwali


Medan, Kovermagz – Poetry and Literature Group organized its 34th online meeting on the 14th of November  with a theme of Children Day Special & Happy Diwali. PLG’s online literary conference takes place every Saturday at 7:30 pm Indian time, with poets and writers from all over the world taking part.

Sudarshan Chakravorty, a famous choreographer from Kolkata attended PLG Meet 34 as the chief guest. He appreciated PLG and all the children who participated in the Event. 

Tufail Ahmed Global President PLG International, Ashish Sharma Regional President PLG South East Asia, Ajay Gupta Regional President PLG North America, were also present at the event. The event managed by Priyanka Singh (Oman), was well moderated by Sarawat Ali (Daizy)(Oman).  PLG Editorial Board member Mrs. Simmi Kumari (Oman) displayed PLG magazine, which was released by the Chief Guest Sudarshan Chakravorty. 

In this literary event, the children from Oman, Indonesia, Bahrain & India participated. The participating children are Abhilaksh Sharma, Likihita Kavuru, Iqra Khan, Hardik Rana, Sahyannika Das, Maria B, Gauravi Sah, Hridayanshu A, Noyanika Das, Affan Asim, Darsh Sijaria, Ahaladita A, Vivek Choudhary, Yansh Deora, Arya Sijaria, Krishna Nair & Srishti Sharma. The children gave speeches on Chacha Nehru, sang some patriotic songs, played patriotic instrumental, performed mono acts, recited poems on Chacha Nehru and much more. 

This time PLG video was created by Abhilaksh Sharma Lakshi and the poster for the event was designed by Aamir Tufail Ahmed. PLG managers Bipin Pandya, Sherebanu Akbari, Anupam Kinger and Monnawar Rahman workedvery hard behind the scenes to make program successful. 

Penulis: Elsa Malona