ASL Released The Second Single: A Date with Life


After the success of the first song ‘Walls will Fall’ released in 2020, Singer ASL (Abhilaksh Sharma Lakshi) is back with his new song “A Date with Life”.  Just like the first single, this too embodies positive messages, to encourage people to come out of depression and enjoy the beautiful colors of life.

“A Date with Life” was released on YouTube and other audio platforms world wide on 26th  November 2021.  The video tells a story of a young girl who seems to be depressed in the beginning but as the song picks up, ASL brings the girl back to life. The song is filled with happy melodious beats, ASL believes the song is very much likable. He is optimistic that it will hit the top charts.

Through fun melodies and happy beats, ASL is trying to send powerful messages for people (mostly) of his age, that tough times will pass by. Even suffering will eventually come to an end. Life is too precious, for anyone to not live his/her life to the fullest. Through all seasons of life, keep moving forward. Many times, we are not given the second chance, therefore embrace every color (every situation) that this life gives. The song asks us to believe that there is always a reason and an answer to every problem.

Both the first and the second singles are produced by Ashish Sharma and Yogita Sharma, and written by ASL, Agustin Oendri and Ashish Sharma. “A Date with Life” was beautifully composed by Ivan Gojaya and was recorded at Roemahiponk Studio, Tangerang. The videoclip was produced by Picster while audio distribution was managed by Big Hello Records. Besides ASL, the character in the video is played by Chintana Jo.

ASL is student of Singapore Intercultural School (SIS) Medan School, Medan-Indonesia. ASL won First Runner Up (Under 17) in ‘Bollywood Singing Sensation’ competition organized by The Embassy of India in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2020. The competition was a country-wide event. He also has won many medals in World Scholars cup in Indonesia, Australia and USA. ASL has been recognized by a reputed Trust in India for his exemplary work.

Now, if you missed the first (soft) launch of the song on Youtube, be prepared for the second launch on 23rd December 2021.